productmusings written by Jiri De Jagere

Hi there!

I’m Jiri. My sanity requires coffee, mountains, sports and fiddling with tech. I love Annelies, Janne, Sam, Mitte and Wietse!

Long ago I started my career as a software engineer. I’ve ventured into many different roles, but today I lead a team of product managers.

Product Management is interesting and challenging! You get to work with many people from different backgrounds and industries. Some are colleagues. Some are customers. Some understand technology. Many don’t.

Building elegant, commercially successful solutions for complex problems is how I get my professional kicks. I work on a daily basis with product managers, software architects, support engineers, sales reps and customers to:

  • Define product strategy and roadmap
  • Crystallize features and release plans
  • Design processes to support the products
  • Enable sales people to sell the value

But the best part is that there is always something new to learn. Always something new to dig into. You’re never done, but never bored!

If you want to get in touch, you can find me on:

This blog is a collection of personal opinions and experiences.